Pen and glasses on top of financial documents

We understand that the mounds of documents can sometimes seem overwhelming when tax season approaches, so below are a few of the documents you will need to bring with you in order to insure One Way Tax Pros in Burleson can accurately and timely process  your return.

  • All W-2 forms received
  • All form 1099’s received
  • All form 5498’s received during the year for your IRA accounts
  • Details of other income (pensions, unemployment, alimony, insurance, etc.)
  • Investment information
    • Forms K-1 for Partnerships or S-Corporation
    • Rental Property – total income and itemized expenses, taxes, maintenance, office supplies, etc.
    • All year end brokerage statements
  • Capital gains
    • Sales proceeds amounts
    • Cost of property including dates purchased and sold
  • All form 1095’s received (Health insurance coverage information)
  • Itemized deductions
    • Medical expenses / prescription, mileage to and from doctor’s office, any expenses that were NOT reimbursed by insurance, eyeglasses, dental work, etc.
    • All form 1098’s received for the interest expense on your mortgage
    • Property taxes paid – real estate, personal property, etc. (including proof of payment)
    • Charitable contributions – itemized cash and non-cash (include proof of payment)
    • Safety deposit box rental expense
    • Professional dues or employee business expenses – mileage, entertainment, uniforms, etc (that have NOT been reimbursed by employer).
    • Receipt for sales tax paid on a motor vehicle, boat or motor home.
  • Estimated tax payments – amounts paid and dates paid.
  • Sale/Purchase or refinance of a residence – copy of a HUD-1 settlement statement (closing statement) for any real-estate you purchased or sold including your personal residence, second home, rental property.
    • A list of any major improvements to your property along with the year the improvement were made including any receipts.
  • Child care expenses including name, address and ID number of provider
  • Moving expenses NOT reimbursed by your employer.
  • Itemized receipts PAID during the year for any higher education. Form 1098-T
  • Copies of ANY correspondence from the IRS

For any questions regarding documents please contact us directly or through our contact page.